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The Sepalau Lagoons are located in the municipal capital of Chisec in the Department of Alta Verapaz.  The name Sepalau means "Place of the Sea" in Kekchi.  The Mayan native language spoken in the area (very little Spanish is spoken in Sepalau).  The water of these lagoons are crystal clear ranging from emerald green to sapphire blue.  The area around Sepalau was hard hit during the 36 year old conflict that rocked the roots of the Guatemalan Mayans.  There is no electricity or running water near the lagoons.  Its an enchanted place in the heart of tropical Guatemala.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and if your ever near Chisec, stop by and have a swim in this tropical paradise.

Road towards Sepalau

Searching for the Lagoons

A view...we've made it!

Rock Frame

Rock formation

Small Lagoon

Ducks in the Lagoon

Small Island in Lagoon

Bernie...I rather be swiming!




Summer time!


Armando...should I jump?

Passing through

Passing through



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